Dec 15, 2008

Guangdong Development Company Limited develop the gold

Fuyuan mining industry in Guangdong Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: the mining industry), investment-mining and mine development of investment cooperation as one of the large-scale enterprise groups. Currently has reserves of more than a certain size and quality of the mines, including iron ore, copper, manganese and so on.
As the company flow...

Australia cuts iron ore output f'cast, trims copper

Australia slashed its forecast for iron ore output in the year to next July by more than 15 percent as the global steel market withers, suggesting deeper cuts are in store from miners, but made modest reductions in metallurgical coal and copper production...

Rio Tinto Ltd has already reduced its forecast production estimates for 2008 by 10 percent to around 175 million tonnes and said output would grow by only about 3 percent next year. Brazilian rival Vale has also slashed output while BHP Billiton Ltd/Plc has resisted making any sweeping reductions so far.
Demand for iron ore and metallurgical coal, dependent solely on purchases from steel mills, has been particularly hard hit by the global financial crisis as steel makers slash production, reducing the need for raw materials.(china mining)

China business planning - Advertising media

Junlang Advertising is a professional institution providing services such as brand planning, design, publicity and campaign management. It utilizes the marketing strategies of mainland businesses as a means of developing the advertising market efficiently and in cooperation with well-known brands. The company is a marketing firm with a focus on integrating creative ideas.

It redefines traditional ideas of integration by continually finding innovative new ways of establishing a service structure that is fundamentally cross-industry, cross-media and cross-field. It infuses each process with originality and in doing so increases the value for the customers. Innovation is the at the core of the brand. The company establishes a service base camp allowing it to adapt to unforeseen changes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Shipping contract changes under legal review: FMG

FORTESCUE Metals Group’s plans to renegotiate its shipping contracts have resulted in ongoing discussions with shipping companies and could also trigger legal action.

The company said this morning it was continuing to review its shipping contracts and would be using all “appropriate legal mechanisms” to sort out the disputes caused by the process.

China mining understands one Asian shipping company has begun legal action against FMG in the United States over the suspension of the shipping contracts.

The Perth-based miner said today it had sought legal advice prior to taking its decisive action under the contracts and would continue to take legal advice over the issue.

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Shanghai Business Planning

Dec 8, 2008

Send a picture to you,a beautiful photo for you mobile

Send a picture to you,
a beautiful photo for you mobile
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so this "信息发布"is a beautiful website,include happy,funny,。。。。Background phone, cell phone wallpaper.If you know chinease you will more love in your mobile phone.

Oct 16, 2008

Chinese Mining Industry

Chinese mining industry has many issues, because the Government owns the mining property, while the enterprise owns the license for extraction, and because in mining property appraisal the license for extraction is excluded. So even the license for extraction is sold with compensation, it is greatly less than its fair market price. For example the Government owns the land, and in handing over the right to using the land no fair market price is allowed. However the land does have a fair market price, especially big compensation is needed when buildings are torn down and moved. And in accounting no increased value is allowed to add to the land even it was bought by money.

China Mining Information Archive

China is now becoming both a huge consumer and a low-cost competitor in the world's metals and minerals markets. As a competitor, China has dumped magnesium at low price and force several magnesium producers in the world to close their operation. China's impact has become a very important consideration for all players in the world's metals and minerals business. Before we reveal a deeper understanding for China's metals and minerals business, please fill the left form to subscribe a free newsletter for China mining

China Mining Industry Resource

Mining Industry Resource
China Mining Industry is a juridical association approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, with members ranging over the whole mining industry. The association mainly consists of, on a voluntary basis, domestic and overseas mining corporations (including oil fields), geological prospecting enterprises, nation-wide mining industry associations, province-level mining industry associations (unions), mining industry related scientific research institutes and academies, as well as the mining areas and cities. The principle of the association is to serve the mining corporations and the government, and to promote the development of mining industry, following the internal law and development process of mining industry, acting as a bridge and link between the mining industries and the government. mining information

Oct 5, 2008

The entry into force of the Treaty on the Internet in Hong Kong

Xinhua net Hong Kong on October 1 report (reporter Xu Zheng) the message that the basis comes from office of information of government of Hong Kong special zone, " treaty of copyright of World Intellectual Property Organization " and " performance of World Intellectual Property Organization and recording products treaty " (a general designation is " Internet treaty " ) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is in since 1 day become effective.
Office of information of special zone government expresses, at present the copyright law exemple of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is accorded with completely already " Internet treaty " in the international level that holds.
" treaty of copyright of World Intellectual Property Organization " comprise by preface and 25 text, its purpose is to be in IT and communication technology domain, especially the interest that Internet domain protects copyright person adequately. " performance of World Intellectual Property Organization and recording products treaty " comprise by preface and 33 text, the purpose is in digital domain, especially the right that Internet domain protects performer and recording products producer better.

Hackers steal server hijacking was sentenced Account

According to report of Xinhua News Agency hacker of a few computer hijacks domain name server, the website mistake that visits the netizen points to virus website, thereby resell of date of Zhang of purloin netizen game gains profit. Recently, 6 the accused such as Ma Zhisong are not had first instance of lake district court sentences Xi Bin 4 years to differ to a year respectively set term of imprisonment.
On November 19, 2007, net of public security bureau alarm detachment receives a reply: During day of? of pain or numbness caused by cold comes 19 days, the Internet user of countrywide part area is visitting all of computer science department of Shenzhen city Tecent when limited company confuses your net homepage, by the virus server that the mistake points to a Yu Moxi city, the computer that creates about a hundred 10 thousand netizens suffers virus to affect, tecent company is forced to suspend website service, cause significant pecuniary loss. Police is begun instantly investigate, at of the same age December, respectively in Sichuan Chengdu, Jiangsu and other places of Dong Ning of Home Zhang harbor, Heilongjiang arrests 6 crime suspect.
Safety of network of information of Jiangsu province Public Security Department discovered the ruinous program that is used at atttacking a website in the computer hard disk that censorial branch uses in the person such as Ma Zhisong. Via examining, come by September 2007 in November the middle ten days of a month, this one gang uses those who had compiled to hijack a program to add up to to more than 10 city such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Yangzhou in the Chengdu City server of 27 domain names carries out attack to hijack, lend Zhang of game of machine purloin network name. Forensic cognizance thinks, 6 the accused violate national regulation, undertake disturbing to function of computer information system, cause computer information system to cannot move normally, sequential and serious, already all formed destroy blame of computer information system.

SEO new ways to enlarge the value of their own

The novice of SEO of a lot of study is thickly dotted now, teach oneself the it may not be a bad idea of the grow into useful timber, play groomed it may not be a bad idea, this industry has turned white-hot, a flock of group figure is the discharge that soares everyday all the way straight violent wind. No matter be what industry, want this trade only one development rises, can have a lot of people rush up in a crowd, have 1000 really army the imposing manner of crowded single-plank bridge of 10 thousand horses. Wang Tong of SEO elder brother often says competition is SB, why? This word still has stated reason, because Wang Tong initiated the new pattern of network sale, developed the pioneer of SEO industry, act fact showed his success, this word out his mouth is very natural also. Contrary, if he also is of the get victory in competing only, I think this word he is bad also to say.
The SEO industry competition nowadays is so intense, to the novice, those who be faced with is competition. Have so a kind of circumstance, know SEO a little also say him meeting SEO, learned a month also say him meeting SEO, just know those who nod ABC to also say him meeting SEO, internet appeared between one night engine of a lot of searches optimizes expert, SEO to optimize a Great Master. Arise spontaneously as glorious mission feeling, at the moment the Immanuel that they are websites, as if to had draped the battle garment of SEO, hold CS-B46.
What actually they take is not Qiang, they take perhaps be Dao(knife) only. Do when be still being written down so that elementary school writes line of business, we often cut the Xiaodao of pencil? Xiao is knife of small Li Fei is small, dao is the knife of knife of small Li Fei.
If such looking, does SEO novice want to lose than circumstance of a few veteran? Actually the thing is done not have so bad, it is meddlesome instead occasionally. Ou Yangchun is analysed to everybody.
Why to say the novice wants to there is an advantage compared with veteran? Novice how the knife in dance ace. This is crucial. What take like us is a pair of very poor card face, what we should do is not to groan, this is very weak performance, what we should do is, how to play the card in ace. With most inferior position will strive for best situation.
Advantage one, novice website amount is little.
The novice is the each person website that built his commonly, ou Yangchun also suggests the novice does a website only enough. It is the individual website that order of use rich customer will come to to build more very, this moment once the website is little, management won't be so trival, energy compares concentration, can endeavor in a with one one's heart on the dot. Unlike a few veteran, built a lot of stations, oneself have too many visitors or business to deal with, the idea that is put in each website so can decrease.
Advantage 2, the novice's time is more.
The raw recruit that begins to learn SEO is basic dispute is professional, nothing more than interest interest, perhaps want to gain bit of penny, see others made money, miss reap some profit. Veteran is very much busy the client's order, the management of own website becomes little, perhaps give the employee below undertakes administrative. This is the place that the novice can see dawn again, time is more than others, can spend many bits of time to be on the content construction of own website, the adjustment of layout, the search makes the seasonable observation that props up change. Every other of novice of Ou Yangchun proposal 1, the change that can observe search engine 2 days, much observation is compared more, progress is very rapid.
Advantage 3, the novice is more foolish.
The person is occasionally foolish also have profit, not be here those who point to real significance to go up is foolish. The novice's skill compares veteran commonly inferior, the likelihood on skill cannot surmount veteran temporarily. Here foolish what to point to? Those who point to is diligent can Bu Zhuo such foolish. Ou Yangchun also once was foolish a few years ago come over, impression is so deeper. The novice is foolish be in, it is how foolish, foolish also have foolish road?
1, the addition that achieves content formerly. The novice likes to croak, written article is the result of own near future more very, the article of duplicate others also learns bogus to be achieved formerly slowly.
2, friendship links application. New station finds friendship link harder, the novice is so mad that seek link commonly, occasionally one day can apply for a few.
3, outside the addition of catenary. After the novice saw a tutorial, the catenary outside be being found is very important, so every arrive a forum, every drive customer of a rich, so mad that establish a link.
Above 3 o'clock is veteran is done rarely very few, because they had been tired of drab link to increase, very drab, or they just give the person below goes becoming a link, the stuff that does a link is lasting to work likewise all the time, also lose bit of enthusiasm more or less. This is novice different one of advantages at veteran.
Advantage 4, the novice's website is more active.
I once again Admin5 has published an article to be called website vitality to depend on managing, article place location: Http://, this article with respect to irregular this problem. Additional, without giving thought to to what website, if if a website is vivid if jerk is not tall, good rank is obtained very hard in short-term time, this is nodded very exceeding important. Expression of vivid jerk half is newer, link, adjust etc.
SEO is expensive holding to, can hold on, very much finally it is to win the home, it is conqueror, if you do not believe if, can go test and verify. Practice is to detect the only standard of the truth.
Additionally the novice needs to charge to oneself ceaselessly, how will to oneself charge, what to need, what kind of kind to carry?
One, want to teach oneself a grow into useful timber slowly.
Fine read SEO book, do not break summary, recommend 3 books to give authority, these books are everybody is very familiar.
" Seomoz - edition of broken solution of Ji of Google rank secret " Http://
" SEO tutorial 2008 edition - edition of electronic book broken solution downloads " Http://
"SEO association - search engine is optimized (SEO) arrives from the introduction perfectness " Http://
Had you read these 3 old books? Perhaps you say, this I had looked early, it doesn't matter, I am met, pediatric. If so if, I suggest you put down arrogant state of mind, read these 3 books twice again, the word that add up looks 3 times at least. Why to want so do? If your used reads a book on 2 times, can discover occasionally, new feeling, new inspiration, new realization may be obtained when be being read the 2nd times. This is my proposal everybody's reason.
Additionally the novice has a lot of is the article that reads others, absorb knowledge from inside the article, the article that I suggest who the novice doesn't want here looks, get very easily so misdirect, the proposal treats the famouser elder in industry of a few SEO, it is OK that the article that they write reads much research more.
2, the novice that considers quick study.
Want to learn SEO quickly, want to achieve a goal the most quickly with the shortest time. Suggest choice SEO grooms. Choice SEO grooms the orgnaization wants very careful, a lot of people chose a few SEO to groom regretted after the orgnaization, the greatest sense attends the study after grooming to be less than knowledge namely, the feeling is cheated a bit, complain a day to complain the ground, think by flicker. It is actually such. . . . . .
1, a lot of more current SEO grooms orgnaization be apt to crudely.
Groom flow did not become a system, lack grooms goodly flow, messier, grooming is to tell only explain basic knowledge.
2, groomed time is too short.
Groomed time is a few hours only, 1, 2 days, these resemble TV a bit inside often advertising says, a few hours can the product reducing weight of thin body. Very absorbing. To the word for a few novices, I dare assure, although can finish this smoothly to groom, just also learned to nod fundamental knowledge.
3, groomed cost is too high.
Each SEO groom the price of the orgnaization is different, if say those who spent 3000 yuan,groom charge, after grooming, sensory study is less than the knowledge that he wants, in the heart that can produce a kind to collide.
Above 3 o'clock is the main reason that after a few novices attend SEO to groom, feels dissatisfactory.
So how choose SEO to groom in the light of the novice orgnaization, a lot of novices see price only, I price is low follow you, price is high we are done obeisance to. This also give no cause for more criticism, go up after all to one part person they can feel 1000 yuan very much, select a price so already reasonable again what safeguard, service reachs the designated position groom orgnaization special was necessary. How to choose SEO to groom orgnaization, ou Yangchun suggests to serve as reference to novice little:
The SEO that at present home fits a new hand quite grooms the orgnaization has:
A person's mind in hearing SEO easily to groom nods: Guangzhou time: 8 class hour groom means: The face gives the value: 1600$
Still have a lot of of course, here is not listed one by one. Novice choice SEO grooms orgnaization the first should view groomed time accident, the 2nd should see the after service after grooming. This 2 o'clock is very crucial, affecting your study henceforth directly, need careful consideration and the situation with advisory detailed the other side so.
Summary: The novice learns a lot of time is to compare blind, of hope above when can give a new hand one gives directions, take roundabout way less, achieve your goal quickly.

Web site management is life

To the construction of initial stage of a website, we have our fixed position, have the profit pattern with oneself nice perhaps train of thought. Occasionally our it may be said is to burn with righteous indignation, among the construction that devotes into a website oblivious of oneselfly and design, do one's best sees the website can be budding at an early date development rises. Even if to do simple Google Adsense, gain bit of penny, we also are very happy with it.

Of the website build or to most stationmaster it is bagatelle, a lot of programs contain collected function now, short time can make the data of on 10 thousand, build like sina in that way data stands one greatly, also need the time of a week only. Such station is very much stationmaster says is station of so called rubbish, putting advertisement alliance is to had better not pass, also can do the portal website of a this locality, experience the power and prestige of stationmaster of this locality portal.

However although the website is very fast good with respect to construction, those who remain basically is a website defend the work, this ability is the thing of truly arduous would you mind. My itself likes Taiwan caricature author a few meters work, made a station with Z-BLOG so, as Footwear news, or , person pork added a lot of data, at first website all the time very good, just do not have how long, a few meters of home page that this word has been Baidu and Google, of course, how this word is done is home page. Because stand to compare tall 2 grade domain name with two weight besides the government, next weight belongs to me. Be in discharge all the time violent wind rises that moment, dimensional business changed the server IP address that my station is in, and I was not gone to by the announcement. Bring about 4, 5 days cannot be visited, home page immediately by K. The home page of the website is had to remedy plan by K, how was I also paid attention to at that time, had thought home page should be met a few days collect afresh, did not run that station so.

Crossed me for some time to look again, baidu still did not collect my home page, how to return a responsibility after all? I still do not have justifiable meeting, just now and then measure an article newlier.
Crossed left and right sides of a month probably, my Site, still do not have home page unexpectedly mine is oh also, and of the website collect an amount decreasing slowly, this can be very common problem, also do not receive even home page nevertheless, this is a bit strange. I decide check is looked up.

Before checking I pondered over a likelihood to appear the reason of this kind of circumstance:

1, new station website is optimized too too heavy, I added Strong many times, bottom also used the deploy of core keyword, meta is not little also keyword.

2, the weight of new station is too low, bring about Baidu spider to come over to crawl rarely capture data.

3, whether is friendship link behaved in searching engine good

4, the site that leaves with IP is punished by search engine

When be aimed at above, I drew up the way to deal with a situation that resolve:
1, the Strong with full take out, bottom keyword is deleted entirely, left column also can reduce keyword, Meta some, the keyword of such coping is opposite at at first won't too passed concentrated. (Still can decrease again, calm view its change)

2, outside I do not have catenary how to be added, need reinforces a point, can attract a spider to come over to index after all, look can home page of new home page. The station weight of 1-3 is taller, think surmounted word, either for a short while OK.

3, checked friendship link, discover by K, 9 remove my link below the circumstance that does not have an announcement, after informing head of a station, remove!

4, this possibility is general not quite, negligible, if return,do not collect next time nevertheless, then I was about to check.

Welcome to guest of a few meters of lover rich, loosen the mood of your city. Thank the reservation of this pair of links.

Sep 27, 2008

Shen Qi flying the entire process

The concern Shenzhou VII spacecraft is expected to be 25 in the evening before the launch, however, several major domestic portal sites have 23 in their respective thematic page announced the launch Shenzhou VII spacecraft to the recovery of the entire process of 3D video simulation by many Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition of friends. Although close to a number of video content, but they were from different points of view and way of life to the users to display the "seven gods," is how to launch into space, how astronauts walk in space and re-entry capsule landed in the safe. End users in the millions watching analog video, one after another message, and expressed the wish Shenzhou VII and the three astronauts to the successful completion of the mission and safe return.

Tell you how to stop smelly feet

Smelly feet aren’t much fun for anyone but there are some simple things you can do to make sure your feet stay fresh.
Medically known as bromidrosis, stinky feet can be a bit embarrassing and unpleasant for you and everyone around you. But there are simple things you can do to stop your feet from getting smelly in the first place, or to clear up the problem.

What can I do to prevent it?
Change your socks on a regular basis.
If you do get sweaty feet, a cheap and easy home remedy is to wipe them clean with cotton wool dipped in surgical spirit.
Allow shoes to dry out between use and don’t wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days.
Bathe your feet daily in lukewarm water, using a mild soap, and dry thoroughly.
Avoid wearing nylon socks.
Check for fungal infectionsbetween your toes and on the bottom of your feet. If you spot redness or dry skin, use an athlete's foot preparation, available from your local chemist.

Why do your feet smell?
Your feet smell for two reasons: you wear shoes and your feet sweat.
Every day your feet produce an eggcup's worth of sweat, which is absorbed by your shoes. At the end of the day, you take your shoes off and store them in a dark cupboard, where bacteria and fungi break down that sweat. The next day you put your shoes back on, complete with all that decomposed sweat, so it’s no wonder your feet get a bit smelly. Professional Footwear Network

Sep 18, 2008

It support--Service basic

Service Package Basic Sized to meet smaller requirements and budgets, the quality and reliability of our support services remained unscathed. Our experts are always ready to guide you towards problem resolution on-line (HOL) and if you require help on-site(HOS), our engineer will be there within the next business day.

Service Package Basic provides:
Multi-vendor CoverageThe DATACOM Service Package Basic program covers a multitude of IT products and brands, offering expertise on just about everything from desktops to networks to applications, even when the items are not purchased from Datacom.HOS At A Maximum 4-hour ChargeEach Help-On-Site (HOS) incident involving hardware problems is limited to a maximum 4-hour charge, regardless of how much time our engineer spends in rendering resolution.

Multi-purpose Support
This one-source support service also offers great flexibility. You can use it to access a wide range of IT services, from systems upgrades to IT maintenance support, from staff training to installation of IT systems. Whatever the task you need to get done, speed and efficiency are hallmarks of our service.

Pay-per-use Cost Efficiency
This block-based subscription package employs a service unit system. Basic Service Units are deducted only when services have been rendered so you enjoy tremendous cost efficiency.
A Risk-free Partnership
Basic Service Units can be used for up to 12 months.Service cancellation is allowed within the first 3 months, with unused credit balances refunded to the subscriber. No questions asked.
Next Business Day Response for HOS

If you have a problem that requires on-site support, rest assured that our engineer will be there within the next business day.

Contact us:
Hong Kong (Headquater)
11/F,Jonsim Place,228 Queen's Road East Hong KongTel:(852)3103 0188 Fax:(852)2893
Guangzhou (Management Center)
9/F,Datacom Plaza,No.4 Jian She Da Ma Rd GuangZhou China Zip:510063Tel:(020)8382 9198 Fax:(020)8381

IT Outsourcing--Support & Maintenance

IT Outsourcing--Support & Maintenance
To provide continuous service support to our valuable customers, covers three differentiated service packages to meet different corporate needs. Before expiration of service contract, our service team will alert customers by sending a Maintenance Renewal Reminder, to ensure our customers are aware of our maintenance renewal service.

Services at a glance Free installationGeneral Testing & Commissioning1 hour end-user training session (one time)Off site remote trouble shooting (service hotline)Service Hotline (Mon-Fri 09:00 -18:00)On-site trouble shooting within 2 business days Deluxe Temporary loan service within 2 business days Precaution inspection once a year .

Help Desk Support Customers can enjoy our professional service support by calling our service hotline available within normal business hours. With unique serial number tracking system, customer only needs to provide a single piece of information -equipment serial number, for any request of telephone and video support. Off-site diagnostic and trouble shooting will be provided by our experienced engineer immediately after we confirm the unit has a valid service contract. In event our engineer need to go on-site for details diagnostic, our service hotline will schedule a call with the customer accordingly.

Sep 10, 2008

Network Services--IT Outsourcing

Network Services--IT Outsourcing
From the Datacom IT outsourcing center
The biggest service center in China and the outsouring is very excellent..

Office Networking
At Datacom we offer office networking for businesses of any size. Since all data travels across the network, let the certified, experienced engineers at datacom help you design, implement, and support your network.

The phrase Network Infrastructure refers to the holistic and total makeup and health of your computer network. A healthy network is the sign of a business on the cutting edge of its market.

Network Evaluations, Consultations, and Audits
At Datacom, we offer a free two hour Network Evaluation, free Consultations, and free Network Security Audits. These evaluations, consultations, and audits can boost a business by letting administrators know how a network is performing, how it could perform better, and what it would take to get there.

Network Security
means not having to worry about viruses, hackers, spam, data loss, or disaster in your organization. Datacom' s Network Security may be the sleep aid you've been searching for.

Aug 19, 2008

Ever-Glory Q2 income rises 31.4%

Chinese apparel company Ever-Glory International Group posted second quarter net income up 31.4% year-over-year to US$1.3m, thanks to strong growth in Europe and Asia.
The company said that total net sales increased 70.7% to $24.1m, primarily resulting from overall increases in Europe, Japan and China, where sales grew 80%, 103% and 118%, respectively.

Sales to the US increased by 18% as the company adjusted its customer structure there and moved away from lower-cost products. Sales from the company's new branded retail division, launched in early 2008, accounted for 1% of net sales during the quarter.
"We achieved solid top line growth during the second quarter, particularly in our European and Asian markets," said Edward Yihua Kang, chairman and chief executive officer of Ever-Glory. "We also improved efficiencies and product mix and increased value-added service offerings, which helped to improve our gross margin substantially, despite the continued appreciation of the Chinese renminbi and rising labour costs."

Its 18.1% increase in gross margin was attributed to better control of manufacturing overhead, improved production efficiency and higher margins from customers in Japan, the US and China.
Total sales for the first six months of the year were $43.8m, up 43.6% from the same period the prior year, while net income for the first six months was $2.5m, compared to net income of $2.3m in the same period a year ago, Ever-Glory said.

For the 2008 fiscal year, the company continues to expect revenues of $90 to $100m and net income of $8.0m to $8.6m.

"We have made great progress in our branded and retail expansion strategy in China during the first half of 2008, and we look forward to furthering that success in the second half of the year," Kang added. "We have already opened 44 La Go Go retail stores this year, and we are on track to achieve our goal of between 80 and 100 La Go Go stores in China in 2008. We remain optimistic about La Go Go's prospects, and we believe our retail business could account for 4% to 5% of total revenues for the full fiscal year."

Chinese gymnast He Kexin wins uneven bars gold

He Kexin of China performs on the uneven bars during women's uneven bars final of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games gymnastics artistic event at National Indoor Stadium in Beijing, China, Aug. 18, 2008. He Kexin claimed the title of the event with a score of 16.725. (Xinhua Photo)Chinese gymnast He kexin claimed the women's uneven bars title with 16.725 points at the Beijing Olympics on Monday. Nastia Liukin from the United States, who also collected 16.725 points, had to stand second according to a tiebreak rule. Yang Yilin from China got the bronze with 16.650 points.

Aug 7, 2008

Business Collaboration--Network Services

Office Networking
At Datacom we offer office networking for businesses of any size. Since all data travels across the network, let the certified, experienced engineers at datacom help you design, implement, and support your network.

Network Infrastructure
The phrase Network Infrastructure refers to the holistic and total makeup and health of your computer network. A healthy network is the sign of a business on the cutting edge of its market.

Network Evaluations,
Consultations, and Audits At Datacom, we offer a free two hour Network Evaluation, free Consultations, and free Network Security Audits. These evaluations, consultations, and audits can boost a business by letting administrators know how a network is performing, how it could perform better, and what it would take to get there.

Computer Networking Network
communication is vital to any enterprise, no matter how large or how small. Datacom seeks to improve network uptime and communication within our client companies through matching technologies with business visions.

Network Security Network
Security means not having to worry about viruses, hackers, spam, data loss, or disaster in your organization. Datacom' s Network Security may be the sleep aid you've been searching for.

Jul 28, 2008

IshoesClub and china shoes

IshoesClub is developing rapidly, to provide the fastest internet as the information industry.Now the information about the shoes is the bigest websitd between local and international.So with the consummate close of The 7th Dongguan China Shoes • China Shoetec (Spring 2008), booth selling & promotion of Autumn 2008 exhibition are being launched in full swing. The next edition will be held from 30th October to 1st November 2008 at GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, in the same period of Canton Fair...But I don't know what is the shoes about,and don't know how to see it???

Jul 22, 2008

Olympic business opportunities

Hosting the 2008 Olympic Games in China is the most important events of the hundred-year dream of the Chinese people. Marketing opportunities of Olympic concept also attract many Chinese enterprises?attention. With the Olympic Games approaching, the battle for "Olympic cake" has become white-hot. China's footwear industry entrepreneurs are ready for this battle. Sports shoes business in particular are taking the lead. China is the world's most important sports shoes production and consumption power, with sports shoes manufacturing enterprises amounting to more than 16,000 and an annual average of sports shoes about 5 billion pairs. After the success of China's bid to host the Olympic Games, the National Fitness Campaign has become unprecedented. Sports consumption has become another new hot spot, bringing tremendous business opportunities to the sporting consumption. In the face of an all-time high market potential and huge cake, the international giants of sports shoes, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and so on, have all played Peculiar Tricks to seize business opportunities. In the battle, Adidas is undoubtedly the biggest winner. Chinese domestic brands, such as Li Ning, DoubleStar, Anta, 361, Erke and so on, are not resigned and have shown their own home-grown skills to snatch the tremendous Olympic business opportunities. For example, Li Ning and CCTV sports channel signed an agreement, requiring the anchors and reporters to wear Li Ning costumes in their appearance. At the same time, Li Ning signed agreements with many domestic and foreign sports teams, requiring them to wear i Ning uniform?in competition. Besides, Li Ning cooperation with the Spanish Olympic Committee assured it as the equipment supplier of Spanish delegation.While 361 has won the qualification of programme partner for "2007-2008 sports events live". And as one of the leading enterprises in China's footwear
That is all olympic game,if you mant more news pls contact me....

2008 Olympic Edition Shoe

Reebok is releasing a Yao Ming Omni Pump Hexride sneaker which will be released August 8, 2008 - the same day of the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympic Games.
The design is meant to include traditional Chinese elements, such as a dragon and the colors red and gold, while featuring Yao’s signature logo on the heel along with his zodiac sign (the monkey), jersey number (11) and initials .

Nike Hyperdunk - 2008 Beijing Olympics
Introducing the brand new Nike Hyperdunk - 2008 Beijing Olympics edition. The sneaker lineup features eight different styles representing eight nations. You can get them for the following nations: Russia, China, USA, Australia, Puerto Rico and Lithuania. They also have Hyperdunks that pay special tribute to some national basketball stars like Argentina (Manu Ginobili), Spain (Paul Gasol), & Germany

Jul 16, 2008

2008 Beautiful Thigh

Competition of the 2008 beautiful thigh will be held from Datacom Technologies Co.,Ltd. and the global network of international co-hosted by the footwear industry with a top scale of a major tournament, which will be displayed on the T-stage air-beautiful, the beautiful thigh competition to the majority of women A self-display space, a Dreams of the stage, the final was held in Guangzhou, China, will highlight the modern Chinese women Xiuwaihuizhong talent and charisma, will carry out all the publicity and reports, pay attention to the details of the latest developments of this site.
2008, Who is most attractive ?Among the many players who can win in all? Who is the king in beautiful thigh? Who can be a famous battle, we will wait and see. Registration form: on-line application, or contact the hotline can also visit organizer application.

Jul 12, 2008

Clothing & Footwear Prices Rise in Dec

Analysed by sub-index, the year-on-year rates of increase in the CPI (A), CPI (B) and CPI(C) were 3.4%, 3.9% and 4.0% respectively in December 2007, compared to 3.1%, 3.5% and 3.6% in November. Discerning the latest trend in consumer prices, it is also useful to look at the changes in the seasonal adjusted CPIs. For the 3-month period ended in December 2007, the average monthly rates of increase in the seasonal adjusted Composite CPI, CPI(A), CPI(B) and CPI(C) were 0.9%, 1.0%, 0.9% and 0.8% respectively. The corresponding rates of increase for the 3-month period ended in November 2007 were 0.7%, 0.8%, 0.7% and 0.6%. Apart from miscellaneous goods (3.9% in the Composite CPI and 4.5% in the CPI (A)); clothing and footwear (2.4% in the Composite CPI and 3.1% in the CPI(A)).On the other hand, year-on-year decline in prices was recorded in December 2007 for durable goods (-3.8% in the Composite CPI and -4.0% in the CPI (A)).As for miscellaneous services, the Composite CPI rose by 1.6% over a year earlier but the CPI (A) fell by 0.8%. Affected by the difference in expenditure patterns, implementation of the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme had smaller impact on the Composite CPI than on CPI (A), and the increase in charges for package tours had larger impact on the Composite CPI than on CPI (A), thus leading to different movements in the two CPIs.In the fourth quarter of 2007, the Composite CPI rose by 3.5% over a year earlier, while the CPI (A), CPI (B) and CPI(C) rose by 3.1%, 3.6% and 3.7% respectively. For 2007 as a whole, the Composite CPI was on average 2.0% higher than in the preceding 12-month period. The respective increases in the CPI (A), CPI (B) and CPI(C) were 1.3%, 2.2% and 2.7%.Commentary:A Government spokesman pointed out that consumer price inflation went up further in December 2007, mainly due to higher food prices particularly the surge in the prices of pork. The pick-up in the charges for package tours around the Christmas holiday, partly attributable to the weakening of the Hong Kong dollar, was another factor. For 2007 as a whole, headline consumer price inflation averaged at 2%, the same as the earlier forecast by the Government. The spokesman further pointed out that the gradual climbing up of inflationary pressure over the course of last year should be viewed in conjunction with the sustained robust expansion of the local economy and the strength of consumer spending, as well as the similar inflation situations currently being experienced in many parts of the world.He added that looking ahead, the global food inflation, elevated oil prices, weakening of the US dollar and appreciation of RMB would continue to pose upside risks to inflation. The recent upward trend in private housing rentals also deserved monitoring. Yet the sustained labor productivity growth should still provide some cushioning effect to the upward price pressures. (from:ishoesclub