Jul 16, 2008

2008 Beautiful Thigh

Competition of the 2008 beautiful thigh will be held from Datacom Technologies Co.,Ltd. and the global network of international co-hosted by the footwear industry with a top scale of a major tournament, which will be displayed on the T-stage air-beautiful, the beautiful thigh competition to the majority of women A self-display space, a Dreams of the stage, the final was held in Guangzhou, China, will highlight the modern Chinese women Xiuwaihuizhong talent and charisma, will carry out all the publicity and reports, pay attention to the details of the latest developments of this site.
2008, Who is most attractive ?Among the many players who can win in all? Who is the king in beautiful thigh? Who can be a famous battle, we will wait and see. Registration form: on-line application, or contact the hotline can also visit organizer application.