Dec 15, 2008

Guangdong Development Company Limited develop the gold

Fuyuan mining industry in Guangdong Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: the mining industry), investment-mining and mine development of investment cooperation as one of the large-scale enterprise groups. Currently has reserves of more than a certain size and quality of the mines, including iron ore, copper, manganese and so on.
As the company flow...

Australia cuts iron ore output f'cast, trims copper

Australia slashed its forecast for iron ore output in the year to next July by more than 15 percent as the global steel market withers, suggesting deeper cuts are in store from miners, but made modest reductions in metallurgical coal and copper production...

Rio Tinto Ltd has already reduced its forecast production estimates for 2008 by 10 percent to around 175 million tonnes and said output would grow by only about 3 percent next year. Brazilian rival Vale has also slashed output while BHP Billiton Ltd/Plc has resisted making any sweeping reductions so far.
Demand for iron ore and metallurgical coal, dependent solely on purchases from steel mills, has been particularly hard hit by the global financial crisis as steel makers slash production, reducing the need for raw materials.(china mining)

China business planning - Advertising media

Junlang Advertising is a professional institution providing services such as brand planning, design, publicity and campaign management. It utilizes the marketing strategies of mainland businesses as a means of developing the advertising market efficiently and in cooperation with well-known brands. The company is a marketing firm with a focus on integrating creative ideas.

It redefines traditional ideas of integration by continually finding innovative new ways of establishing a service structure that is fundamentally cross-industry, cross-media and cross-field. It infuses each process with originality and in doing so increases the value for the customers. Innovation is the at the core of the brand. The company establishes a service base camp allowing it to adapt to unforeseen changes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Shipping contract changes under legal review: FMG

FORTESCUE Metals Group’s plans to renegotiate its shipping contracts have resulted in ongoing discussions with shipping companies and could also trigger legal action.

The company said this morning it was continuing to review its shipping contracts and would be using all “appropriate legal mechanisms” to sort out the disputes caused by the process.

China mining understands one Asian shipping company has begun legal action against FMG in the United States over the suspension of the shipping contracts.

The Perth-based miner said today it had sought legal advice prior to taking its decisive action under the contracts and would continue to take legal advice over the issue.

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