Jun 22, 2009

How to Buy Womens Apparel

How to Buy Womens Apparel
1. Go to your favorite store. You can take some of your friends that are women if you want.
2. Go to the women's section of your favorite store.
3. Go find clothes you like in your favorite store. If you find something you like, examine it. Then try it on. If you like it, hold it in your hand or you can put it in one of the bags they have in the store.
4. Repeat the previous step until you have got too much, or if you can't afford more.
5. Pay for the items at the cash register. Be sure you want to buy all those items.
6. Now you can go home and another day you can wear those clothes.

Tips for Womens Apparel
Don't buy things because they are popular. Buy what you like.
Buy things appropriate for the weather, and come back when the season changed to do more shopping.
Make sure you and your friends like the store.

Whitehorse Couture

I love online shopping. I love not having to leave the house and fight with people for the last pair of shoes and clothes in my size, and I love waiting for the postman the next day!
"We are all waiting to be rescued, but I think that the white horse is always there... for everyone." Under the smog there is still hope for the city, hope for humans to save this world instead of destroy it.

Native American colors, hippy ideals, neon Los Angeles dances, palm trees sweeping the skyline, pain, love, face paint, late nights with friends, campfire songs, the Pacific Ocean stretching out on the drive through Malibu - these are the things that reminded them of hope, each thing so alive on this sad, weeping earth.

So began their story of creating clothes, spreading peace and love through design they would wear their heart on their sleeve and remind the world that the happy ending is in all of us if we look hard enough.