Jul 22, 2008

Olympic business opportunities

Hosting the 2008 Olympic Games in China is the most important events of the hundred-year dream of the Chinese people. Marketing opportunities of Olympic concept also attract many Chinese enterprises?attention. With the Olympic Games approaching, the battle for "Olympic cake" has become white-hot. China's footwear industry entrepreneurs are ready for this battle. Sports shoes business in particular are taking the lead. China is the world's most important sports shoes production and consumption power, with sports shoes manufacturing enterprises amounting to more than 16,000 and an annual average of sports shoes about 5 billion pairs. After the success of China's bid to host the Olympic Games, the National Fitness Campaign has become unprecedented. Sports consumption has become another new hot spot, bringing tremendous business opportunities to the sporting consumption. In the face of an all-time high market potential and huge cake, the international giants of sports shoes, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and so on, have all played Peculiar Tricks to seize business opportunities. In the battle, Adidas is undoubtedly the biggest winner. Chinese domestic brands, such as Li Ning, DoubleStar, Anta, 361, Erke and so on, are not resigned and have shown their own home-grown skills to snatch the tremendous Olympic business opportunities. For example, Li Ning and CCTV sports channel signed an agreement, requiring the anchors and reporters to wear Li Ning costumes in their appearance. At the same time, Li Ning signed agreements with many domestic and foreign sports teams, requiring them to wear i Ning uniform?in competition. Besides, Li Ning cooperation with the Spanish Olympic Committee assured it as the equipment supplier of Spanish delegation.While 361 has won the qualification of programme partner for "2007-2008 sports events live". And as one of the leading enterprises in China's footwear
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2008 Olympic Edition Shoe

Reebok is releasing a Yao Ming Omni Pump Hexride sneaker which will be released August 8, 2008 - the same day of the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympic Games.
The design is meant to include traditional Chinese elements, such as a dragon and the colors red and gold, while featuring Yao’s signature logo on the heel along with his zodiac sign (the monkey), jersey number (11) and initials .

Nike Hyperdunk - 2008 Beijing Olympics
Introducing the brand new Nike Hyperdunk - 2008 Beijing Olympics edition. The sneaker lineup features eight different styles representing eight nations. You can get them for the following nations: Russia, China, USA, Australia, Puerto Rico and Lithuania. They also have Hyperdunks that pay special tribute to some national basketball stars like Argentina (Manu Ginobili), Spain (Paul Gasol), & Germany