Sep 29, 2009

Chanel luxury guitar music

chanel music showChanel luxury guitar music

Karl - Lagefeier from Picasso's masterpiece "to play the guitar man The Man Playing Guitar" inspired, specially designed black and white two guitars, two guitars specifically for this beautifully designed little chic Link Check leather-Qin Qin set or sets of black and white two-tone canvas.
Chanel invites European tradition Guitar Studio to build. Among the many guitar category, the Chanel guitar part acoustic guitar, is a more specialized areas of classical guitar. According to ergonomic principles of piano design, even beginners feel more comfortable; original design, from the iconic style of the whole body detail design, to the oblique face the piano, always reflect its excellent workmanship. Chanel guitar - music lovers the perfect partner.
The right way to backpack, how to chose bags

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Tom Ford ad

Tom Ford
Tom Ford (Tom Ford) ad
In fact, men still want to dress like him, the women hope that he continues to design clothes for them, it certainly shows that Ford's followers will continue to exist. For this reason, Selfridges department store in 2008, he created a perfume brand counter sales of 150 million pounds, much higher than the other perfume brands department store counters.
Please note that, in the Tom Ford men's fragrance advertising photos in placed in a woman's perfume bottles among the breast may not have hurt sales. The screen is always back to sex and Ford himself. "No, no way." He said, appears to have only suffered a very small grievances. In his "Out" magazine-like photos of how he and his men in a group of light-colored skin in the shower? "Maybe they should not be done." He said. Or in his capacity as artistic director of "Vanity Fair" cover, he was caught naked female stars Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley and there?
"Otherwise, how do you sell the perfume heterosexual men?" He asked. "Put the bottle on the place they want." Ford said he hates to talk about sex. "The fact is that people see more nudity. They are the same color, they can not people take heart. You see people at the gym, they look better. And then they put on their clothes."
Ford's new film "single man", the small number of public sex is precious, and this is one that people can not say, but in any case can do video. Ford would like to make a movie every three years. Production of films with very consistent in design, in his view, because it is so slow. "A lot of the process is the same." Directing commercials and style show years of experience, which means he knows how constitute the film's every frame. Him as an actor in those years (flat TV ads), to help him understand how to shape the character. "Single man" starring wear Tom Ford brand, but men.
This suit is also a £ 3000 minimum set of Faires probably enjoy it.
Now, Ford returned to London, and his design team based here, he was totally engrossed in his designer label next quarter design. "I am now doing with our men's Gucci as opposed to do, where we are to the democratization of luxury. However, when it has an airport in every time, which stalled in the democratization of luxury. Extravagance goods is about the highest quality, quarterly incremental change and the best service.

Francois - Henglipinuo Luxury Living

Francois - Henglipinuo Luxury Living
In the YouTube online video shoot for some protesters, video Pino, 47-year-old wearing a dark suit and sitting in back of a taxi, he uneasily biting his fingers, and deliberately ignore the mob. Today, his response to the matter lightly, saying: "I keep my cool." Nevertheless, he admitted: "There was indeed a very tense."
In fact, the intense tension is the best description of Pino now live, as he faces two challenges --- a financial and the other is the fashion empire.
In the financial challenges that this 235 billion U.S. dollars of luxury goods sales Quotes crash, because Rome, Italy to the United States Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, California Avenue, consumers are suddenly shut their wallets tight, high-level department stores, including Neiman Library Sri Lankan department stores (Neiman Marcus), and Saks Fifth Avenue department stores (Saks Fifth Avenue), were significantly lower prices in order to reduce inventory. Bain & Company estimates that global sales of luxury goods in the first half of this year to reduce by 15% to 20% in 2009, an overall decline of about 10%.
Pino as early as the spring of 2008, quickly saw the first sign of sluggish consumption, and rapid implementation of all sectors in the PPR what he calls a "wartime budget."
"He really saw it." Saks Fifth Avenue department store CEO Ronald Fleischer said, he Pino described as "very busy, has a natural touch to the business."
Then forced to cut costs and inventory management have played a role: July 31 of this year, Pinot pleasantly surprised to announce that the PPR first-half profit fell 4.8%, to 10 billion U.S. dollars, revenues declined only 3.6%, to 13 billion U.S. dollars, which shocked the Wall Street.
Away from the luxury sector has been the plight of a number of opponents defeated, the report said, income stable, only a slight decrease in operating margins. It is said, PPR's stock rose about 30%, has made up 57% last year, fell sharply.
People close to Pino stressed that in this crisis, his self-confidence and status significantly enhanced, completely out of his father's shadow, took his own path. 72-year-old Francois Wa Pinuo that he has done.
"He was very calm," the old Francois Wa Pinuo told reporters that his son has praised the management and the ability to act decisively, "I was impressed, but did not tell him. We are a not an easy thing to give recognition of the family." By Market News