Oct 16, 2008

Chinese Mining Industry

Chinese mining industry has many issues, because the Government owns the mining property, while the enterprise owns the license for extraction, and because in mining property appraisal the license for extraction is excluded. So even the license for extraction is sold with compensation, it is greatly less than its fair market price. For example the Government owns the land, and in handing over the right to using the land no fair market price is allowed. However the land does have a fair market price, especially big compensation is needed when buildings are torn down and moved. And in accounting no increased value is allowed to add to the land even it was bought by money.

China Mining Information Archive

China is now becoming both a huge consumer and a low-cost competitor in the world's metals and minerals markets. As a competitor, China has dumped magnesium at low price and force several magnesium producers in the world to close their operation. China's impact has become a very important consideration for all players in the world's metals and minerals business. Before we reveal a deeper understanding for China's metals and minerals business, please fill the left form to subscribe a free newsletter for China mining

China Mining Industry Resource

Mining Industry Resource
China Mining Industry is a juridical association approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, with members ranging over the whole mining industry. The association mainly consists of, on a voluntary basis, domestic and overseas mining corporations (including oil fields), geological prospecting enterprises, nation-wide mining industry associations, province-level mining industry associations (unions), mining industry related scientific research institutes and academies, as well as the mining areas and cities. The principle of the association is to serve the mining corporations and the government, and to promote the development of mining industry, following the internal law and development process of mining industry, acting as a bridge and link between the mining industries and the government. mining information http://www.cnmining.org/