Oct 5, 2008

The entry into force of the Treaty on the Internet in Hong Kong

Xinhua net Hong Kong on October 1 report (reporter Xu Zheng) the message that the basis comes from office of information of government of Hong Kong special zone, " treaty of copyright of World Intellectual Property Organization " and " performance of World Intellectual Property Organization and recording products treaty " (a general designation is " Internet treaty " ) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is in since 1 day become effective.
Office of information of special zone government expresses, at present the copyright law exemple of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is accorded with completely already " Internet treaty " in the international level that holds.
" treaty of copyright of World Intellectual Property Organization " comprise by preface and 25 text, its purpose is to be in IT and communication technology domain, especially the interest that Internet domain protects copyright person adequately. " performance of World Intellectual Property Organization and recording products treaty " comprise by preface and 33 text, the purpose is in digital domain, especially the right that Internet domain protects performer and recording products producer better.

Hackers steal server hijacking was sentenced Account

According to report of Xinhua News Agency hacker of a few computer hijacks domain name server, the website mistake that visits the netizen points to virus website, thereby resell of date of Zhang of purloin netizen game gains profit. Recently, 6 the accused such as Ma Zhisong are not had first instance of lake district court sentences Xi Bin 4 years to differ to a year respectively set term of imprisonment.
On November 19, 2007, net of public security bureau alarm detachment receives a reply: During day of? of pain or numbness caused by cold comes 19 days, the Internet user of countrywide part area is visitting all of computer science department of Shenzhen city Tecent when limited company confuses your net homepage, by the virus server that the mistake points to a Yu Moxi city, the computer that creates about a hundred 10 thousand netizens suffers virus to affect, tecent company is forced to suspend website service, cause significant pecuniary loss. Police is begun instantly investigate, at of the same age December, respectively in Sichuan Chengdu, Jiangsu and other places of Dong Ning of Home Zhang harbor, Heilongjiang arrests 6 crime suspect.
Safety of network of information of Jiangsu province Public Security Department discovered the ruinous program that is used at atttacking a website in the computer hard disk that censorial branch uses in the person such as Ma Zhisong. Via examining, come by September 2007 in November the middle ten days of a month, this one gang uses those who had compiled to hijack a program to add up to to more than 10 city such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Yangzhou in the Chengdu City server of 27 domain names carries out attack to hijack, lend Zhang of game of machine purloin network name. Forensic cognizance thinks, 6 the accused violate national regulation, undertake disturbing to function of computer information system, cause computer information system to cannot move normally, sequential and serious, already all formed destroy blame of computer information system.

SEO new ways to enlarge the value of their own

The novice of SEO of a lot of study is thickly dotted now, teach oneself the it may not be a bad idea of the grow into useful timber, play groomed it may not be a bad idea, this industry has turned white-hot, a flock of group figure is the discharge that soares everyday all the way straight violent wind. No matter be what industry, want this trade only one development rises, can have a lot of people rush up in a crowd, have 1000 really army the imposing manner of crowded single-plank bridge of 10 thousand horses. Wang Tong of SEO elder brother often says competition is SB, why? This word still has stated reason, because Wang Tong initiated the new pattern of network sale, developed the pioneer of SEO industry, act fact showed his success, this word out his mouth is very natural also. Contrary, if he also is of the get victory in competing only, I think this word he is bad also to say.
The SEO industry competition nowadays is so intense, to the novice, those who be faced with is competition. Have so a kind of circumstance, know SEO a little also say him meeting SEO, learned a month also say him meeting SEO, just know those who nod ABC to also say him meeting SEO, internet appeared between one night engine of a lot of searches optimizes expert, SEO to optimize a Great Master. Arise spontaneously as glorious mission feeling, at the moment the Immanuel that they are websites, as if to had draped the battle garment of SEO, hold CS-B46.
What actually they take is not Qiang, they take perhaps be Dao(knife) only. Do when be still being written down so that elementary school writes line of business, we often cut the Xiaodao of pencil? Xiao is knife of small Li Fei is small, dao is the knife of knife of small Li Fei.
If such looking, does SEO novice want to lose than circumstance of a few veteran? Actually the thing is done not have so bad, it is meddlesome instead occasionally. Ou Yangchun is analysed to everybody.
Why to say the novice wants to there is an advantage compared with veteran? Novice how the knife in dance ace. This is crucial. What take like us is a pair of very poor card face, what we should do is not to groan, this is very weak performance, what we should do is, how to play the card in ace. With most inferior position will strive for best situation.
Advantage one, novice website amount is little.
The novice is the each person website that built his commonly, ou Yangchun also suggests the novice does a website only enough. It is the individual website that order of use rich customer will come to to build more very, this moment once the website is little, management won't be so trival, energy compares concentration, can endeavor in a with one one's heart on the dot. Unlike a few veteran, built a lot of stations, oneself have too many visitors or business to deal with, the idea that is put in each website so can decrease.
Advantage 2, the novice's time is more.
The raw recruit that begins to learn SEO is basic dispute is professional, nothing more than interest interest, perhaps want to gain bit of penny, see others made money, miss reap some profit. Veteran is very much busy the client's order, the management of own website becomes little, perhaps give the employee below undertakes administrative. This is the place that the novice can see dawn again, time is more than others, can spend many bits of time to be on the content construction of own website, the adjustment of layout, the search makes the seasonable observation that props up change. Every other of novice of Ou Yangchun proposal 1, the change that can observe search engine 2 days, much observation is compared more, progress is very rapid.
Advantage 3, the novice is more foolish.
The person is occasionally foolish also have profit, not be here those who point to real significance to go up is foolish. The novice's skill compares veteran commonly inferior, the likelihood on skill cannot surmount veteran temporarily. Here foolish what to point to? Those who point to is diligent can Bu Zhuo such foolish. Ou Yangchun also once was foolish a few years ago come over, impression is so deeper. The novice is foolish be in, it is how foolish, foolish also have foolish road?
1, the addition that achieves content formerly. The novice likes to croak, written article is the result of own near future more very, the article of duplicate others also learns bogus to be achieved formerly slowly.
2, friendship links application. New station finds friendship link harder, the novice is so mad that seek link commonly, occasionally one day can apply for a few.
3, outside the addition of catenary. After the novice saw a tutorial, the catenary outside be being found is very important, so every arrive a forum, every drive customer of a rich, so mad that establish a link.
Above 3 o'clock is veteran is done rarely very few, because they had been tired of drab link to increase, very drab, or they just give the person below goes becoming a link, the stuff that does a link is lasting to work likewise all the time, also lose bit of enthusiasm more or less. This is novice different one of advantages at veteran.
Advantage 4, the novice's website is more active.
I once again Admin5 has published an article to be called website vitality to depend on managing, article place location: Http://www.datacomasia.com, this article with respect to irregular this problem. Additional, without giving thought to to what website, if if a website is vivid if jerk is not tall, good rank is obtained very hard in short-term time, this is nodded very exceeding important. Expression of vivid jerk half is newer, link, adjust etc.
SEO is expensive holding to, can hold on, very much finally it is to win the home, it is conqueror, if you do not believe if, can go test and verify. Practice is to detect the only standard of the truth.
Additionally the novice needs to charge to oneself ceaselessly, how will to oneself charge, what to need, what kind of kind to carry?
One, want to teach oneself a grow into useful timber slowly.
Fine read SEO book, do not break summary, recommend 3 books to give authority, these books are everybody is very familiar.
" Seomoz - edition of broken solution of Ji of Google rank secret " Http://www.seomoz.org
" SEO tutorial 2008 edition - edition of electronic book broken solution downloads " Http://www.iwebclub.cn
"SEO association - search engine is optimized (SEO) arrives from the introduction perfectness " Http://www.ishoesclub.com
Had you read these 3 old books? Perhaps you say, this I had looked early, it doesn't matter, I am met, pediatric. If so if, I suggest you put down arrogant state of mind, read these 3 books twice again, the word that add up looks 3 times at least. Why to want so do? If your used reads a book on 2 times, can discover occasionally, new feeling, new inspiration, new realization may be obtained when be being read the 2nd times. This is my proposal everybody's reason.
Additionally the novice has a lot of is the article that reads others, absorb knowledge from inside the article, the article that I suggest who the novice doesn't want here looks, get very easily so misdirect, the proposal treats the famouser elder in industry of a few SEO, it is OK that the article that they write reads much research more.
2, the novice that considers quick study.
Want to learn SEO quickly, want to achieve a goal the most quickly with the shortest time. Suggest choice SEO grooms. Choice SEO grooms the orgnaization wants very careful, a lot of people chose a few SEO to groom regretted after the orgnaization, the greatest sense attends the study after grooming to be less than knowledge namely, the feeling is cheated a bit, complain a day to complain the ground, think by flicker. It is actually such. . . . . .
1, a lot of more current SEO grooms orgnaization be apt to crudely.
Groom flow did not become a system, lack grooms goodly flow, messier, grooming is to tell only explain basic knowledge.
2, groomed time is too short.
Groomed time is a few hours only, 1, 2 days, these resemble TV a bit inside often advertising says, a few hours can the product reducing weight of thin body. Very absorbing. To the word for a few novices, I dare assure, although can finish this smoothly to groom, just also learned to nod fundamental knowledge.
3, groomed cost is too high.
Each SEO groom the price of the orgnaization is different, if say those who spent 3000 yuan,groom charge, after grooming, sensory study is less than the knowledge that he wants, in the heart that can produce a kind to collide.
Above 3 o'clock is the main reason that after a few novices attend SEO to groom, feels dissatisfactory.
So how choose SEO to groom in the light of the novice orgnaization, a lot of novices see price only, I price is low follow you, price is high we are done obeisance to. This also give no cause for more criticism, go up after all to one part person they can feel 1000 yuan very much, select a price so already reasonable again what safeguard, service reachs the designated position groom orgnaization special was necessary. How to choose SEO to groom orgnaization, ou Yangchun suggests to serve as reference to novice little:
The SEO that at present home fits a new hand quite grooms the orgnaization has:
A person's mind in hearing SEO easily to groom nods: Guangzhou time: 8 class hour groom means: The face gives the value: 1600$
Still have a lot of of course, here is not listed one by one. Novice choice SEO grooms orgnaization the first should view groomed time accident, the 2nd should see the after service after grooming. This 2 o'clock is very crucial, affecting your study henceforth directly, need careful consideration and the situation with advisory detailed the other side so.
Summary: The novice learns a lot of time is to compare blind, of hope above when can give a new hand one gives directions, take roundabout way less, achieve your goal quickly.

Web site management is life

To the construction of initial stage of a website, we have our fixed position, have the profit pattern with oneself nice perhaps train of thought. Occasionally our it may be said is to burn with righteous indignation, among the construction that devotes into a website oblivious of oneselfly and design, do one's best sees the website can be budding at an early date development rises. Even if to do simple Google Adsense, gain bit of penny, we also are very happy with it.

Of the website build or to most stationmaster it is bagatelle, a lot of programs contain collected function now, short time can make the data of on 10 thousand, build like sina in that way data stands one greatly, also need the time of a week only. Such station is very much stationmaster says is station of so called rubbish, putting advertisement alliance is to had better not pass, also can do the portal website of a this locality, experience the power and prestige of stationmaster of this locality portal.

However although the website is very fast good with respect to construction, those who remain basically is a website defend the work, this ability is the thing of truly arduous would you mind. My itself likes Taiwan caricature author a few meters work, made a station with Z-BLOG so, as Footwear news, or , person pork added a lot of data, at first website all the time very good, just do not have how long, a few meters of home page that this word has been Baidu and Google, of course, how this word is done is home page. Because stand to compare tall 2 grade domain name with two weight besides the government, next weight belongs to me. Be in discharge all the time violent wind rises that moment, dimensional business changed the server IP address that my station is in, and I was not gone to by the announcement. Bring about 4, 5 days cannot be visited, home page immediately by K. The home page of the website is had to remedy plan by K, how was I also paid attention to at that time, had thought home page should be met a few days collect afresh, did not run that station so.

Crossed me for some time to look again, baidu still did not collect my home page, how to return a responsibility after all? I still do not have justifiable meeting, just now and then measure an article newlier.
Crossed left and right sides of a month probably, my Site, still do not have home page unexpectedly mine is oh also, and of the website collect an amount decreasing slowly, this can be very common problem, also do not receive even home page nevertheless, this is a bit strange. I decide check is looked up.

Before checking I pondered over a likelihood to appear the reason of this kind of circumstance:

1, new station website is optimized too too heavy, I added Strong many times, bottom also used the deploy of core keyword, meta is not little also keyword.

2, the weight of new station is too low, bring about Baidu spider to come over to crawl rarely capture data.

3, whether is friendship link behaved in searching engine good

4, the site that leaves with IP is punished by search engine

When be aimed at above, I drew up the way to deal with a situation that resolve:
1, the Strong with full take out, bottom keyword is deleted entirely, left column also can reduce keyword, Meta some, the keyword of such coping is opposite at at first won't too passed concentrated. (Still can decrease again, calm view its change)

2, outside I do not have catenary how to be added, need reinforces a point, can attract a spider to come over to index after all, look can home page of new home page. The station weight of 1-3 is taller, think surmounted word, either for a short while OK.

3, checked friendship link, discover by K, 9 remove my link below the circumstance that does not have an announcement, after informing head of a station, remove!

4, this possibility is general not quite, negligible, if return,do not collect next time nevertheless, then I was about to check.

Welcome to guest of a few meters of lover rich, loosen the mood of your city. Thank the reservation of this pair of links.