Sep 26, 2009

You know what is the love?

You love him, you have to pay for him for his work, you have this right, but then do not accept it is his right, do not use their own thinking to indirect control of everything.
You know what is the love?

Very small, we will look forward to a very romantic perfect romance, we would imagine that the other half dreams, look, we can even envisage a number of scenes of life, and these indirectly become when we choose to love one of the criteria.

Grew up and began to realize that life is very cruel, human nature is so horrible, I feel the world has changed.

Baby, the world has not changed is that you grow up.

Perfect love, destined to only exist in books and fairy tales. Do not sigh why there is no perfect love, I want you to think about, you can love each other a perfect Mody?

Why did not you always sigh when the perfect lover, think about what you want is a human or a god
Why did not you always sigh when the perfect romance, please do not ignore the hard reality is compatible with the romantic part.

You often fall in love with the feeling of an instant, fell in love with an instant rapport instantly fell in love with a perfect and romantic, but ignored, and you do not really fell in love with this person, but you still do not understand, you should fall in love with, and is your choice.

If you want the exact future has a strong heart, then you must make themselves aware

Love, just to give you the person you have to do things like power, but did not give you control over his rights. Do you want are good, you want to do something for him, OK, it is your right, you are willing to like, but you have to understand that these acts will never make you have him, no one can truly have someone else.

Do not always pity himself, said to myself, I told him so good, so in love with him, for him to do so many things, why he did not love me?
I want you to think about, if it is facing the countless individuals you say it, how would you choose? Mody you are willing to love everyone? The key is that you can do Mody?

You love him, you have to pay for him for his work, you have this right, but then do not accept it is his right, do not use their own thinking to indirect control of everything.

When you know aware of this truth, you will not be so easy to feel pity.

Do not attempt to change each other with love, you can change only their own. And you change, might be able to induce him to also make corresponding changes to it and then see how your skills would a.

When you begin to want to use love to control him, even if he loves you again, when the passion fades, he will want to escape, remember, not because they do not love you, but because he could not stand the controls.
So you must understand that you love him, but you can not ask him to love you too, can not be asked for your pleasure pain is responsible for and can not ask him to accept your control of

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How to become a strong woman inside

How to become a strong woman inside
Mom said, how can you not fall in love, how you are going on in the end, how do ah, you can marry off valve in the end, My God you will not be like the girls in it, grandmother said, how you going, then enjoy up late and do not like to do housework, you are married after some bitter to eat. . . .

I do not love you? I am not married you? Can not again be able to bother me?
The answer is of course not
McDull cousin told me that a serious dream between us is also separated from a normal world, so you still have less hair hair dreams, illusions bar.
Shanghai recently the weather is always bad, cause I have a dream frequency of N-fold increase, in addition to YY life, and the rest are left to sleep.
Unhappy marriage for me at home watching the two old single, feeling a sudden chill doubled, the sun, I need you. . .
Life tells us that the joy of life is to find themselves, and so I sent messages assailing Mensao Male Colonel Roy (who second code monk Tang extremely long-winded)
Me: I want to live in
Colonel Roy surged to a direct telephone, press out
Colonel Roy: how the ah? ? ? What are things that can tell me, ah! ! Well Well, all right all right, ha. . .
Me: really, I really have no way to face, really can not say that
Colonel Roy: talk about that! ! ! Can not say no! You do not say I do not know! Do not know will not help you! Can not help you, you will want to live! So you must tell me!
Extremely silent, how would there be so similar to the Tang Seng human existence! Me: I have the following problems with the
Me: not a
Colonel Roy:. . . Problem? Oh, is not the month to the MC's broken? ? Is not it? Is a problem and do not be afraid, but you first told me that in the end is not the monthly MC problem out? ?
Me: I had constipation. . .
Colonel Roy: That was a problem, you you had any brains, in fact, this connection, I still quite understand.
Colonel Roy: I am F ***!
Me: You do not say that you really understand them? Location of how, after not such a big difference in your attitude ah ah ah ah = =

Colonel Roy: because it is not I'm interested in aspects of the

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Autumn 2009 alone love style

MAN temperament character may have become more
Child temperament has also captured a number of the ratio
So Neutral clothes all came right for me to
Off-topic one wants to dao ordered a good fit we must first understand what their own
Do not know if you did not find
Often rely on the feelings of the day looks to add to points
Misdraw clothes that day will allow the girls to fidget
If you wear on a
No longer feel the way home from work long
Even more are willing to walk a few steps
To follow the trend began to write diaries啦dress
Models designed to skirt a rare bar
Clean air
The decoration of small-breasted super there is love
Very suitable for a number of lace shirt with a small T-shirt
In winter you can wear a short paragraph cotton-padded clothes outside the Phi jackets, cool stylish

Clean and ultra-thin plate significantly
Autumn 2009 alone love style