Jul 4, 2009

Wildfox Girls Fashion Show

Wildfox Girls Fashion Show
The sun is high in the sky, the temperature is soaring and work is a distant memory… ahhh finally - it’s beach time! With oodles of time to spare and hundreds of rays to catch, beaching is sport of the day!

Have you had time to watch all the Spring-Summer 09 fashion shows to know what’s hot for this Spring? No worries if you haven’t, cause we have! And here are the 7 Major Runaway Fashion Trends for this Spring to look out for!

Wildfox Girls Fashion Show
Native American colors, hippy ideals, neon Los Angeles dances, palm trees sweeping the skyline, pain, love, face paint, late nights with friends, campfire songs, the Pacific Ocean stretching out on the drive through Malibu - these are the things that reminded them of hope, each thing so alive on this sad, weeping earth.Wildfox Couture's Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun Tee in Dirty White.

So began their story of creating clothes, spreading peace and love through design they would wear their heart on their sleeve and remind the world that the happy ending is in all of us if we look hard enough.

Jul 3, 2009

Rolex Submariner Review

Rolex Submariner Review

The Rolex Submariner reference 16613 serves three purposes in my collection. The first is to complete my collection of the best of the Rolex sport watches. This F series Submariner joins my Y series Explorer II and GMT Master II to represent the 3 Rolex watches I admire the most. The Rolex Submariner was a watch I had admired for a number of years and I finally treated myself to one a couple of years back and I have to say I love it with an absolute passion. The Submariner that I have was pre-owed when I bought it but it was manufactured in that same year that it was bought (2004) and was in excellent condition.

Not everyone likes the look of gold. All gold watches, especially with gold bracelets can be a bit much. But this watch to my eye brings the rich look of gold and still remains tasteful while doing so. The blue dial combined with the silver of the stainless steel, and the polished 18k gold components is absolutely gorgeous. It is perhaps the most beautiful watch I've ever seen. Here's a picture of the amazing blue dial.The site that sold me the Rolex Submariner replica categorically told me that they cannot guarantee resistance to water up to that depth for the Rolex Submariner watches.

Jul 2, 2009

Drake-Best I Ever Had Video

Drake Best I Ever Had Video

I guess I'll never find out. Drake performs with Greedy Weezy and Young Money. I'm a fan of Drake. He's had some pretty good mixtapes,Do you want 'Best I Ever Had' by Drake? MusicRemedy lets you watch the video and listen to the song.

Drake has made public a music video for his single "Best I Ever Had". In this newly-premiered video, the rapper is seen playing coach to a female basketball team who is trounced 91-14 at the end of a game. "Best I Ever Had" comes from Drake's independent mixtape called "So Far Gone".

Drake has recently signed a joint venture with Weezy's label and Birdman's recording company, Cash Money. He is currently working on a studio album "Thank Me Later", and will hit the road with Weezy, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy for a roadshow dubbed "Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted Music Festival".

Jun 30, 2009

Rick Astley Dead remain mp3

The sun shone down on Stavanger, Norway this weekend - perfect conditions for people to enjoy a glass of Pimms or pint of lager at this year's Rogafest.The InquisitrRick Astley Not DeadThe InquisitriReport is open to all submissions without republication review.
Singer-Songwriter Rick Astley Found Dead in Berlin Hotel Room

Known for his 80’s pop hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” the 43-year-old Rick Astley has been pronounced dead today. Astley’s body was found at the Angleterre Hotel in Berlin after an ambulance responded to an emergency call from his hotel room.So, is this yet another celebrity passing or have we all been Rick Rolled? I have a feeling it’s the latter.

The following clip is one of the first to emerge on YouTube of the event. Rick has invited "Rick's Bitches" and the "Never Gonna Give You Up" Vikings on to the stage...

Jun 28, 2009

Oxy Clean Guy Dead

oxy clean guy dead
The world really is coming to an end: Ed McMahon, Farrah, Jacko…and now Billy f*cking Mays?!? This breaks the law that bad things come in oxy...

Both were huge losses, michael 4 all the positivity and love he spread throughout the world(minus the boy touching) and Billy Mays was just the man, he could sell iceboxes to eskimos..

TV pitchman Billy Mays — who built fame by appearing on infomercials — was found dead in his home

How To Get Fuller Lips

There are a very few people in this world who have not been fascinated by Victoria’s famous pout or Angelina’s sexy lips.
Ways To Get Plumper Lips

Medical Options
The medical options are for women wanting to enhance and enlarge their lips on a permanent basis and are ready to splurge on it. However, before opting out for surgery, you must know that these procedures are costly, painful, and may need many sittings. However, they also guarantee a better result in long term and women with naturally thin lips can opt for them. Medical option are also good for those women who have lost the fullness of their lips with age. Some of the best surgical options are as follows:

Autologous Fat
In this case, fat in inserted into the lips of a person, from his/ her other body part. The chances of rejection from the body are, thus, very low. However, the fat gets dissolved eventually and the effect last for few months only and may need many sittings.

This is calcium-based microsphere filler providing immediate and extended results. However, it is costlier as compared to collagen-based injections and is not a much-recommended option.

Make Up Option
This option is best for those women who want to have plump and fuller lips, but dread the clinical process. With the help of make up, you can easily get the appearance of gorgeous lips. Here are some easy ways to get plump and beautiful pouts, without any injections or surgery.

* Take a clean toothbrush and in small circular motion, gently brush it on your lips. It will remove the dead cells and increase the circulation of blood, thus giving the appearance of plumpness.
* After you brush your lips, take a small amount of an exfoilator and rub it on the lips. It will further enhance the plump appearance. Always use a gentle exfoliator and massage in a circular direction, without forgetting to concentrate on the ridges.
* After washing the exfoliator off your lips, apply concealer on upper and lower lip and around the ridges. This will fill the creases and will make your lips look larger. After applying the concealer, apply loose powder or foundation on your lips. It should be the same color as other parts of your body.
* With the pencil of your natural lip tone, gently line the lips a little outside the lip line and along the bottom lip. With the help of a brush, apply lipstick from the centre, outwards. Apply lip-gloss to only the centre of the upper and lower lips. And voila! You are ready to pout your ways to sexiness.

How to File for a Copyright

Determine the type of work that you wish to copyright: Works can include musical composition, visual art, book, recipe, multimedia work, etc. Visit the U.S. Copyright Office website to determine the exact category under which your work falls before requesting an application.

Contact the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington D.C. to request an application.

Fill out the application.

Mail the original application along with a $20 filing fee and a copy of the work to be filed in the Library of Congress.

You will usually receive a certificate of registration within 6 months.

Only the expression of an idea or concept is protected under copyright law, not the idea or concept itself.

Copyright protection lasts for the lifetime of the author, plus 70 years.

You cannot copyright a name, including the name of a band.

Make sure to use the appropriate copyright symbol on all publicly distributed copies of your work or you will effectively lose your exclusive right to sell, reproduce and display your work in public. Visit the Copyright Office website to find the right symbol.

How to File for a Business Loan

How to File for a Business Loan

Determine the amount of loan you need and what you will use the money for.

Decide on the type of loan you want and whether you want to obtain it from a bank, the Small Business Administration or another type of lender.

Develop a balance sheet indicating the status of the company's assets, liabilities and equity.

Develop a profit-and-loss statement with a summary covering the company's expenses, revenues and costs for a particular accounting period.

Develop cash flow projections by estimating the time frame in which you expect money to flow in and out of the company.

Contact prospective lenders and ask them for an application. In many cases, the quickest way to accomplish this is in person, although it can also be done via e-mail, fax or mail.
Correct tip: Contact your local office of the U.S. Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov) to determine which local lending institutions participate in the access to capital program. If they work with the SBA, and you meet the qualifications, SBA can offer you a loan guarantee which makes it easier for a bank to lend you money.

How to Shine Shoes

Have you grown up, but still do not know how to shine shoes, including leather ones? Don't worry,read this.
There are a lot of opinions when it comes to the best way to shine a shoe. Everyone has their own unique twist from using spit to using a lighter to burn the shoes,Buy liquid and wax shoe polish in the color of your shoes. Wax takes a bit longer to use.

tep 1

Clean dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush or damp cloth.

Step 2

Select a can of wax or creme shoe polish that matches the leather you want to polish.

Step 3

Use a shoe polish brush to apply a conservative amount of polish to the surface of the leather. Brush in circular motions until the leather has a dull coating. Get into tight spots using an old toothbrush.

Step 4

Wait 15 minutes while the polish dries.

Step 5

Brush shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush.

Step 6

Buff to a gleaming shine with a clean cotton cloth, such as an old sweat sock or T-shirt.

Tips on Polishing Shoes

* Never ever polish suede, rough-out or patent leather shoes.
* Try to avoid ‘instant shine’ shoe polish as much as possible. It can harm your shoes.
* Never ever use black shoe polish on dark brown shoes or vice versa.