Jul 17, 2009

The right way to backpack, how to chose bags

The right way to backpack, how to chose bags

Many women are accustomed to carrying a bag like the "big bags", perhaps, it looks very stylish, but it is becoming a modern career women's lumbar killer. Person's spine, such as tower cranes, the left weight, the spine will bend to the left. The human body in order to maintain the balance of the spine, spinal muscles will take the initiative to the right to contract, as a result of left and right side of the lever arm of force is different from the right side of the muscles several times in the left side will have the power.
In addition to increasing handbags, handbags are becoming increasingly long tape, the ultra-long ribbon to make a lot of people are also the neck, shoulders and back, health problems arise. In this regard, the experts recommended that women handbags like Canada, if it can not "burden", it must adopt the correct way backpack.

chanel_bow_bagBackpack the correct way

A, to keep the body straight, head and shoulders so that the basic "Integrity"

B, can hold weights in the chest, shoulders or back pack, so that the weight of the spine close to a balanced force

C, hand-held package, right-hand man is the best balance of weight, walk crosstraining, freeclimber levator ani

D, if there is only one carry bags heavier, the best two hands alternately carry

E, son of a long strap package, it is advisable to pack on the abdomen, rather than on both sides of the